Genova is not over

Ten, No one and three hundred thousand…


Genoa, July 21st, 2001

The Public Order management during the days of the G8 in Genoa back in July 2001 represents an open wound in the recent history of the Italian republic. Ten years after the murder of Carlo Giuliani, the “Mexican butchery” occurred in the Diaz school, the tortures in the Bolzaneto barracks, the violence and beatings in the streets of Genoa, the responsible have not been identified and moreover who ran the public order in Genoa led a distinguished career as Gianni De Gennaro, newly appointed Secretary of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.
While the State absolves itself from what Amnesty International has called “the biggest suspension of democratic rights in a Western country since the Second World War”, on the 13th of July 2012 ten persons are running the risk of becoming the scapegoats of this situation and see their sentence confirmed, by the Supreme Court, to a total of one hundred years in prison overall, in the name of a crime, “destruction and looting”, which is one of the many juridical leftovers of the Fascist penal code, called Code Rocco.
A crime designed with a clear and political intention to prosecute those who opposed the fascist regime. Today it is mainly used by assuming a psychological participation even when there is no real association between the persons charged. This means that the decision whether to apply the crime or not is only in the hands of the investigators and judges.
It’s unacceptable that, eighty years later, this aberration is still in our juridical system and it’s used to charge and punish political public events that have such a great importance, involving hundreds of thousands of people, as did the protests against the G8 in Genoa in 2001.

We cannot allow that after ten years the story of Genova ends in this way.

We appeal to the world of culture, entertainment, individuals, civil society to make their voice heard by signing this call seeking the annulment of the conviction for devastation and looting for all the defendants involved.

For a battle that is about freedom for everybody.

10×100: sign the call: http://www.10×

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