Hartz IV for EU citizens

On Monday, 18 June 2012, there was a small protest about Hartz IV for EU citizens in front of the Jobcenter Neukoelln in Berlin.

The German authorities issued a reservation to the European Convention on Medical and Social Assistance (ECMSA; EFA in German) and wrote letters to Hartz IV recipients from EU countries that they were allegedly no longer entitled to receive unemployment benefits.

More information: http://efainfo.blogsport.de

The german government has suspended the ECMSA (in German: Europaeisches Fuersorgeabkommen, EFA) – with grave consequences for EU citizens who live in Germany and receive unemployment benefits (ALG II). Since March 2012, EU citizens receive negative decisions on their Hartz IV applications from the Jobcenters and ongoing payments are cancelled respectively. This affects about 10.000 people in Berlin. Several rulings from Berlin social courts have banned these practices by the
Jobcenters. Still the Jobcenters make negative decisions, partially arbitrarily.

The suspension of the ECMSA is part of the federal government’s reaction to the current economic crisis. The social systems are pre-emptively closed because of fear of immigration. Germany as the big winner of the crisis is hereby suspending European solidarity. While in this country politicians talk about a “job miracle” and about the highest tax revenues ever, people in the countries most affected by the crises are left without support. We say: Solidarity, not exclusion!

Hartz IV protest

Aussetzung des EFA-Abkommens:
Informationen fuer betroffene Hartz IV-Bezieher_innen:

The newspaper Neues Deutschland wrote an article in German about the issue:
Hartz IV fuer EU-BuergerInnen:

(image source: Protests against the introduction of Hartz IV in 2004, Wikipedia, B. Laczay)

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