Quebec Student Strike

It didn’t start with Occupy, and it won’t end with the student strike! The persistence of anti-authoritarian politics in Quebec


July 23, 2012
Source: Out of the Mouths of ‘Casseroles’: Textes Qui Bougent Au Rythme du Carré Rouge:

by Sandra Jeppesen, Anna Kruzynski, Rachel Sarrasin: CRAC (Research Group on Collective Autonomy/ Collectif de recherche sur l’autonomie collective)*

What we are seeing today in Quebec, and particularly in Montréal, is a public moment of a much more ingrained movement that has been around for decades. If we use the rhizome analogy, we can better understand what is happening. A rhizome is like a root that runs underground: once in a while little shoots pop out above ground, and sometimes an enormous shoot breaks the surface. It is an analogy that suits the description of the anti-authoritarian movement in the province.

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Can the 99 percent speak

Onlinejournal Kultur und Geschlecht, Ruhr Universität Bochum
Ausgabe Nr. 9, Juni 2012

Can the 99% speak?
José Herranz Rodríguez

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak schrieb 1988 das Konzept der Subalternität neu und benutzte es, um sich auf postkoloniale Subjekte ohne jegliche Repräsentation in der Gesellschaft zu beziehen. Ihre Stimmen konnten nicht gehört werden, die herrschenden Diskurse brachten sie zum Verstummen.

Dieser Artikel fragt danach, ob dieses Konzept, einst auf (de-)kolonisierte Räume beschränkt, nicht auch auf Europa und die USA erweitert werden kann, und er erkundet die Rolle der Occupy Wall Street- und der Indignados-Bewegungen in einer Situation der Subalternisierung der Mittelklasse in den ‘entwickelten’ Ländern.

Haben die Bevölkerungen der USA oder Spaniens immer noch politische Repräsentation in ihren entsprechenden national-parlamentarischen Demokratien oder stehen sie abseits einer inszenierten gesellschaftlichen Teilhabe?

Anhand des Konzepts der Subalternität und Spivaks Text “Can the Subaltern Speak?” versucht die Analyse, Spivaks nicht ausgeführte Neupositionierung nachzuvollziehen und zu zeigen, dass ein scheinbar strategisches Schweigen dieser Bewegungen in Wirklichkeit eine wahrhafte Subalternität spiegelt.


Gayatri Spivak: Can the Subaltern Speak? Postkolonialität und subalterne Artikulation. Wien 2008.

Global Noise October 2012

#15M Spain Proposal For Global Action – Please Bring This to Your GA
June 30, 2012
Proposal for a global action, let us think big!


Hi folks!
How far do you think that we are to get to organize a REAL GLOBAL single action supported and agreed by most assemblies?
We are people from #15m Spain activism related to different cities assemblies and international coordination.

Global scheme

Nurturing the local networks is very important. But at the same time we need strong global actions to reinforce our local work (as a feedback). Very often the problems generated by our governments and false democracies do not let us look beyond our local presidents or scammers, but they respond to a global frame. We have similar problems, so we have to learn from each other and act globaly too. OUR problems are global, because the scam is global.

Therefore, we are asking you to bring a proposal to your local assembly, let us all try to make a single action on a globally agreed date by the grassroots movement.


The potbanging itself may seem an uninteresting action, probably it would be more interesting if we coordinate a energy-blackout or other action that would directly affect the savage capitalism. (more ideas at: please add yours).

On the other hand, #globalnoise could be an easy way to create / improve the system of coordination required for future actions. It is also a basic/primitive way of creating global awareness and make public that there is a global movement that shares common interests and that will fight the capitalist system and the overall scam.

We propose 14th/15th OCTOBER 2012 as the date for the event, because we’ve heard of an initiative to make another big anniversary on that date.

Please if you like this idea send an email back to this address: dinamization12m15m at

Looking Forward to hearing from you,
activists for #globalnoise