Global Noise: A short report from Berlin

On October 13th, 2012, several hundred people joined the international Global Noise Day with a rally at Hermannplatz in Berlin, following a performance in the morning. There even was an assembly before the demonstration started out to meet the people from Kotti und Co who have been protesting regularly, making lots of noise, for several months in Kreuzberg. They have set up a protest camp called Gecekondu at Kottbusser Tor against higher rents and gentrification.

Together with Kotti und Co., the Berlin Global Noise demonstration joined the Refugee Protest March. The refugees had already organised a huge long distance march all the way from Bavaria to Berlin to fight for their rights, to protest against deportations in Germany and to demand the abolition of the “Residenzpflicht”, a residence obligation for refugees. Several thousand people (8000 to 10000) came to this large demonstration from the refugee camp at Oranienplatz all the way to the centre of Berlin.

Global Noise Berlin

More information on the Refugee protest march:

Images from Global Noise day:
(Neukoellnbild) (PM Cheung)

Global Noise and Kotti und Co.:

Images from the Refugee Protest March:
Active Stills collective:

More on Berlin Global Noise:

Action on Monday, October 15th:
Occupation at Nigerian Embassy in Berlin against deportations:

Global Noise: International Reports:


Local and Global Reports:

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