14N European Strike and Action Day

On 14 November 2012, there were general strikes, strikes, actions and demonstrations in many European countries, the biggest strike ever.
There was a general strike in Portugal and Spain, Malta and Cyprus, there were strikes in Greece and Italy, and actions and demonstrations in Belgium, Germany, and other countries.







New York Solidarity Action: http://www.occupywallst.org/article/general-strike-historic-transeurope-solidarity-ass/

ETUC Brussels:


In Germany, the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB) called for actions and demonstrations in solidarity with #14N in Europe, following the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) call.
There were rallies and demonstrations in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Cologne, Wuppertal and other cities.

Reports in German / Berichte auf deutsch



EGB-Aufruf: http://tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=8404

Bericht DGB:
Europäischer Aktionstag: Europaweit Tausende auf den Straßen
Proteste in Spanien, Portugal, Belgien, Italien gegen die soziale Spaltung Europas. Auch in Deutschland gingen die Menschen auf die Straßen. Aufgerufen hatte der Europäische Gewerkschaftsbund EGB, um ein Zeichen zu setzen für Arbeit und Solidarität – gegen das Spardiktat der Europäischen Union.
Berlin: http://www.dgb.de/themen/++co++0b370a76-2e67-11e2-9b76-00188b4dc422

IL und Ums Ganze: Solierklaerung: http://umsganze.org/ein-guter-abschluss-fuer-2012-ein-grund-zur-freude-in-duesterer-zeit/

Duesseldorf: http://14nduesseldorf.blogsport.de
Wuppertal: http://soli-komitee-wuppertal.mobi/2012/11/14n_wuppertal/


November 14: European Action Day

In Portugal, Spain, Cyprus there will be a general strike, and the European Trade Unions (ETUC) have called for a European Day of actions and strikes.

ETUC day of action and solidarity for a Social Compact for Europe: http://www.etuc.org/a/10439



Occupying Grannies in Berlin

Retirees aged 67 to 96 have occupied their community centre in Pankow, North-East Berlin. They have moved into their community centre with mattresses and camp-beds when the authorities announced that their social club would no longer be financed by the local municipality of Pankow due to budget cuts.

The community centre exists since 1998 and offers a variety of leisure activities for about 300 retirees, including painting courses, English language courses, chess and card games. It was to be closed by the end of June 2012 so the elderly decided to occupy the building and stay until the authorities find a financing solution. The angry retirees are determined: “We will stay until the bulldozers come”. The community centre is located in a neighbourhood near the Chinese embassy, and various luxurious town houses have recently been built.

This unusual squat has received a huge amount of media attention, even abroad, and the Grannies and Granddads of Berlin have been compared to Spain’s old-age pensioners who are fighting austerity, the Iaioflautas.

On August 7th, as they were celebrating their 40th day of occupation, they even received a visit from Spanish activists from the 15M movement in Berlin. They were given a banner: “Nos quedamos todos” (We will all stay).

Under pressure, the local authorities are now looking for financing options like charity organisations or social institutions to secure the future of the community centre.

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